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Dating guys has been an issue for me ever since I got into kpop when, which being 15 at the time didn't seem like a big deal. But now that I'm 21, I kind of feel like I should be less picky. I have dated but every single time I just end up comparing them to GD or Lee Min Ho, and I just end it. How shallow of me... Maybe I just haven't found The One.. lol ..or maybe my One and Only is still waiting for me (in Korea), So Ji Sub I'm talking to you Anyone else feel like its pointless dating when you have all these amazing men staring back at you behind that screen?
lol @zlovex omo I can't get over how handsome so ji sub is, lucky of u to have had some one that looked like him 😁
haha my last ex looked like so ji sub. i was in heaven but i still compared him to the real one