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my baby sehun~ because sometimes, people forget he's more than just a nice view, and lately there has been a lot of bashing towards him. i won't lie and say sehun is an amazing rapper and singer, but there's no denying that he's an amazing dancer, an amazing actor, and an amazing student. i have never been his teacher, but do you know why i think he's an amazing student? if you look from debut to now, all of the improvements he has made are tremendous. his expressions while dancing, his energy while dancing, his speech, and even his rapping. everything has improved so much. yes, he is under sm and probably has amazing teachers, but learning is a two way street, and he must be an amazing student to be able to practice continuously and show as much improvement as he already has. he has a pure heart and although he teases his hyungs endlessly, he cares for them a lot. he's always so kind to his fans, and he always does his best. so what if he's a little immature? he's young - the youngest of the group. of course he'll act immature, but he's also very mature. when he was a trainee, he never complained about missing home or wanting more food, he simply tried his hardest and did everything to the best of his abilities. all he is is a simple kid who was thrown into the adult world and fame far too quickly, but he's still learning and he's still improving. as i'm writing this, i admit i am undeniably and extremely biased, but i just want all this hate towards sehun to stop. yes, he is definitely not the most talented member of exo, but he is their beloved maknae, and without him, exo wouldn't be the same. so please, be considerate of what you say. he reads things online as well. he has feelings as well. he is a human being, just like you, and just like me. he is allowed to be flawed and he is allowed to make mistakes. stop mocking him and putting him down. okay, so that's the end of my sehun appreciation post, and i hope y'all don't hate on me for this either, but if y'all truly need someone to hate on, make it me instead of sehun.
@ephneyt I agree because ofc they are going to compare him to the rappers of exo and admittedly some people are born with natural talent, but I'm not saying anyone in exo hasn't worked to be where they are. it's just some people grow at different speeds and people need to expect that even from idols
I totally agree with you I was heartbroken when I saw fans bashing on him after listening to the Mr removed version of love me right Sehun really has come a long way from being JUST a visual he's never going to be the best singer in exo and never a main vocalist that's just not his role! so people's expectations should remain within the realm of his job. I do want to see more of sehuns rapping and I hope to see him improve even more in the future!!! :D
@tayunnie exactly! honestly more often than not, all this hate stems from the fact that people forget idols are humans too
@tayunnie same here! seriously all the hate just made me so upset because he's honestly already working so hard to improve... let's hope he gets better and gets more parts in the future! :-)