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Special thanks to @PassTheSuga & @aabxo for coming up with this awesome theme, and @mattk95 for tagging me in your Summer Playlist Challenge card.

Here's my summer line up!


This was a no-brainer. I knew FT Island - Hello Hello (헬로 헬로) was going to be first on the list. The music is upbeat, stage presence is excellent, and the drum and guitar combo is perfect!
Right after the heated performance by FT Island, we have Japanese Pop group, Arashi (嵐) - Love So Sweet greeting you with their playful dance and catchy melody. Don't get too comfy because...

Next up is MC Mong (MC몽) bringing a groovy medley. Here's what playing:
0:00 - So Fresh 3:11 - Ice Cream (아이스크림) - my all-time favorite from this artist. 4:45 - Circus
If you're not up on your feet by now, this song by BoA (보아) - No. 1 will get you moving. She was known as Queen of Kpop. You'll understand why after watching her performance. Respect!
Let's get back to some pop rock with Taiwanese band, F.I.R. (飛兒樂團) - I Wanna Fly (我要飛). Encore, shall we?
Here's a new mix of Epik High - One. Time is ticking, time is ticking, ticking!
Almost all concert always have a soft song that reminds you of your first love or summer love. Urban Zakapa (어반자카파) - Coffee (커피를 마시고) is the type of song that'll give you all the feeeel.
A duet is a must! And these two takes this song to new heights with their own rendition. Give it up to David Tao (陶喆) & Sharon Kwan (关诗敏) - Roof Top (屋顶).
Let's take it back to the classics one last time with S.E.S. - I'm Your Girl. Oldie but goodie!


Good time flies and it's finally the end of my summer playlist. So, best for last! My all-time favorite group G.O.D. - Saturday Night!!! I couldn't find a good live version of this song but the music video is pure perfection. Enjoy!
@cindystran haha no you didn't wake me it is way past midnight... but I'm a bit of a night owl so I'm usually up past midnight anyway XD
Thanks!!! I hope I didn't wake you up by tagging you! For what I know, it's way past mid-night in Australia! :)
This is fantastic, I love how you took the playlist theme and added your own creative twist!!! Great job ^^