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Dishonored is a stealth action-adventure game released by Bethesda Softworks for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. It's a super badass game where you play as Corvo Attano, a man forced to be an assassin after being framed for regicide.
What makes the game so badass is the huge variety of way you can play the game. It is marketed as a stealth game, and you can run through the entire game without spilling a drop of blood. In fact, this ties integrally into the theme of the game - choice.
You decide who lives or dies, and therefore are responsible for the consequences of your actions, whatever they may be. There are dozens of options for the way you complete any level, and the path you take is up to you, the player.
With that being said, I pretty adamantly state that the way I've been playing Dishonored recently is totally wrong. I've written before how I like to challenge myself by starting out new games on the highest available difficulty, and this was no exception.
I went in to the game with very few pre-conceived notions, except that it was a good game, and almost a spiritual successor to the original Thief. I knew it was a stealth-based game, but that's about it.
I pretty immediately decided that there would be none of this namby-pamby nonlethal stuff for my playthrough, and began murdering everyone. Which is cool, and totally an acceptable way to play the game, but not the way I'm doin' it. I have no goddamn finesse, no visually stimulating mudering here.
Granted, I really only just started and have a long way to go, and there's room for improvement. But for now, I've just been running headlong into enemies, abandoning all stealth (really one of the game's highlights) and just praying I don't get totally wrecked in the process.
Here's a video of someone playing Dishonored on PC, doing all the things I wish I could do. It's not overly stealthy, but the playing if nearly flawless, also on the highest difficulty. There is a real rhythm and flow to the actions he takes, and this exemplary of one of the "correct" ways to play the game.