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It makes some cringe and others drift on a memory.

Yeah, you guessed it -- I'm talking about good old public displays of affection or better known as PDA. You've seen it happen out on the streets, in restaurants and in the movies -- it's not a secret, everyone knows you're in love. The holding hands, the grabbing of the gluteus maximus and the slobbing each other down can sometimes be a bit too much for bystanders. PDA can make people feel rather uncomfortable, especially us single folk -- which is often times confused as jealousy. Think again.
There's a time and a place for everything, be courteous to those around you. If we wanted to see two people slobbing each other down, we could easily go see Fifty Shades of Grey. Holding hands is perfectly fine and pretty romantic -- I'll admit, but save the rest for once you get behind closed doors. There's an art to being love-able and romantic. Don't be that person seeking attention and doing the most while you wait for your train. We didn't ask for a show. When it comes to these three public displays of affection, this is where you should draw the line and probably get a room.

Kissing: Anything more than a simple peck is probable a little too much. Keep it simple and sweet.

Cheek Grabbing: Save the foul play for indoors. Nobody wants to see that. Trust me.

Neck Kisses: If it's too raunchy then it's not meant to be displayed outdoors. Hit up your local Holiday Inn to commence festivities.

Let's just put it like this, if you saw it or read about it in Fifty Shades of Grey, it's more than likely not meant to be acted out in public.

To put it very bluntly PDAs are obnoxious if they are taking place in front of you in the real world & not on the movie screen.
I have seen and talked to a couple or two about their over display of affection in public and have been ignored. One of those relationships turned out to be disastrous-the boy left the girl for her friend who was also a witness to their PDA.
It all depends on the public. You can't even hold hands around my mom, but my husband... I had to cut him down a bit! On the other hand though, you just know what to leave for the bedroom.
extremely obnoxious. I secretly despise it. @Ranjitonly
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