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Man Makes Batman Suit... Out of Bark?!
French artist Christope Guinet took it upon himself to provide us with something we didn't know we needed: a wearable Batman suit made of tree bark. He did not see fit to tell us why we needed this, but I guess modern art is all about drawing your own conclusions?
Construction started with a foam mold that was covered in tree bark, vegetal moss, lichen, and fungus. "The bark of the tree is like the suit of the superheroes—a protective force," Guinet said. "The foam strengthens the balance that exists between the symbiosis of nature and that of this mythical character."
Ok that explains nothing. What's the consensus: weird cosplay or WEIRDEST cosplay?
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this card just made my day, lol. Super awesome that he made this costume out of bark, he put a lot of time into this (maybe a bit too much, lol)
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Haha @christianmordi I'm glad to have made your day! Yeah I wish I had the kind of spare time to do a project like this haha. @allishaaff I am vengeance... I am the knight... I. AM. BARK MAN.
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very creative!
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