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If you thought you were the ultimate OITNB fan, think again. A New York teenager discovered that she lived close to the show's set and decided to do a little trespassing. The results, while frowned upon by law enforcement, were pretty awesome for fans of the show as she recreated iconic scenes on the actual set.
As if sneaking on the set wasn't badass enough, the teen got a response from the show (and it wasn't to press charges).
Fake Litchfield better step up its security, or I'm guessing it'll be getting several other dedicated fans attempting to trespass in the next few days.
She also took a video of her unauthorized set visit if you're interested in seeing the prison track, the greenhouse and other pivotal set pieces from the series.
Essentially this girl is awesome and got away with trespassing just because she's a huge OITNB fan. I wonder if people could get away with this on other sets because I'm thinking about giving Stars Hallow a visit....
I love this card! lol... this fan is diehard for sure. We shouldn't be too hard on this kid, I know many people who live around a set would do this if they thought they could get away with it
I know @christianmordi I'm surprised she's the first person to try this! I'm glad she got away with it, the whole thing is pretty clever.