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A comercial of a car w/ 2NE1's I Am The Best it then suggested Big Bang's Fantastic Baby....I was on youtube
my son was listening to one of our j rock bands and big bang popped up and he started listening to them and fell in love with the song Fantastic BABY. he is only 8 and wants to move to Korea now! lol
A friend told me to start listening to Kpop about a year ago, and I was like "Okay sure, why not." And Big Bang was the first song on my Pandora. It was love at first sight -- err... listen.
I started off with SuJu and then one of my Korean friends said I was more Korean than her and showed me BigBang's Monster...never been the same since. Total VIP to this day!
I was just looking at random music videos on YouTube and ended up watching GDs "Heartbreaker" Well, I wanted more so I looked into him and found Big Bang.
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