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From a friend spamming me with all of her favorite k-pop groups and as I went through them I had turned out to really like some of thier songs!
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my son was listening to one of our j rock bands and big bang popped up and he started listening to them and fell in love with the song Fantastic BABY. he is only 8 and wants to move to Korea now! lol
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I discovered them wheb my friend showed me my first Kpop song. it was GDRAGON's song Crayon and then i looked him up and then i heard fantastic baby and i just have loved then since then! They are what made me curious about the Korean culture too.
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A comercial of a car w/ 2NE1's I Am The Best it then suggested Big Bang's Fantastic Baby....I was on youtube
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YouTube suggested it when I was watching a Bii music video lol
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