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"To Caitlyn!"

E! just released its latest 'I Am Cait' promo and the greatest part about it is that Caitlyn Jenner looks happier than ever. FINALLY. We see a lot of interesting dynamics throughout the promo from friends to family. It looks like Jenner has gained a nice group of gal pals and I say cheers to that!
Also, all of her children have publicly announced their support in her transition despite it being difficult at the start. Even Jenner's mother stated that in the beginning she thought she was losing a son but has realized that Jenner's transition is nothing but gaining.Things are turning around even though there are still some obstacles ahead. The Jenners and Kardashians seem to get through everything.

"I just want them to be proud of their daddy."

Caitlyn has claimed that she is "the new normal" in a previous promo. She plans to blend into society and go on many firsts, yes I'm talking about shopping. But don't be surprised that Caitlyn still enjoys stereotypical boy things such as riding a motorcycle as she acknowledges that girls do that too. It's very refreshing to see Jenner come into her own.

"This is about getting to be who you really are."

She's making up for lost time as she has said that she isolated herself from the Transgendered community before her transition. She knows exactly what her plan is now as she begins to reach out to other transgendered children. Many have ridiculed Jenner for making a public debut and tv series however others show high praise that widespread media is exactly what the community needs.

What do you think?