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Alright, so I've always looked more at Mark and Jackson when I watch GOT7, but lately I've just had my eye on Jackson (could be my hidden bias - just haven't admitted it yet!).... like how can you not love him after watching his shows and things of the sort! He is hilarious! (funny guys are the best to be completely honest!) & there are a lot more reasons why he is just PERFECTION ! but anyway so we all know that Jackson was a part of the show Roomate ( if you didn't know... you know NOW) & in the show he roomed with KARA's Youngji. They got very close! Their relationship is kinda my definition of an awesome one. She is literally the whole package... & together they are just so CUTE (hate to admit) ╮(╯3╰)╭ but not cuter than markson! (☆∀☆)
Its bitter sweet.... but more bitter than sweet (*T▽T*) What do you think?