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Don't you love it when idols show off their aegyo (regardless of how good they're at it)? I really like to see this side of idols, whether it's on stage, in variety shows, or behind the scenes.

I'd like to share the best of idol aegyo with you guys each week. This week I chose Big Bang's 4D rapper, TOP!

Prepare yourself for some 4D aegyo!
At first you might think...TOP...and aegyo...what? But just you wait!
He's actually pretty adorable! Goofy, yes. But he shows off great aegyo!
Told you! He's great at it! @PassTheSuga, @aabxo, @stevieq When did this happen? XD
Someone protect this puppy. He's trying to kill us with his cuteness! AAAAHHH!
What even is going on here? I have no clue. But look at that aegyo move TOP is pulling!
Hope you guys enjoy this! Look forward to more aegyo show-offs at Best of Aegyo! ^_^
Which other idol's aegyo would you like to see in Best of Aegyo?
Ashvkgtdgckosgxhjda*died* my feed is just filled with everything t.o.p today. Uuuuuuggggghhhhhh
TOP oppa showing off his aegyo to Se7en oppa is the best and I love his 3D aegyo the most. Like how can someone be so handsome and cute at the same time ^^ @poojas ^^
@stevieq Right! He can be handsome, cute, sexy, goofy, and 4D all at the same time! XD @KutieKiKi Hope that's a good thing. Daily dose of TOP never hurts lol XD
Oh that's a great thing!!! I just don't know if my heart can take much more lol 😵😍 @stevieq @poojas
😱😱 My bias❤❤ Sometimes he's just too adorable..
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