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We all wait for things. We wait for the doctor. We wait for the subway. We wait for the bus. We wait for our friends. We wait for our lives to change. Here are some songs to help that wait go faster.

1. Primadonna / Marina and the Diamonds

This bubble gum anthem has a little bite, and will make time fly by. It's upbeat, but also musically solid. The soaring vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics will take you out of whatever place you're waiting in and transport you to another land...that's probably pink in color.

2. Justin Timberlake / Only When I Walk Away

This jam is completely underrated. From his mega-smash the 20/20 Experience, Only When I Walk Away clocks in at about 6 minutes, so you'll be killing time just by listening to it. The musical style variation from an almost rock and roll feel, to a ragga jam will wake you up and make your wait go by faster. Trust me, this one's going into your regular rotation.

3. Outta Time / Natalia Kills (now known as Teddy Sinclair)

She's been in the media for some controversial stuff lately, (hello X Factor New Zealand), but her music is really unique. Give her a chance with this track, from her 2013 release Trouble. It's infectious pop music at it's best, and the obvious time-centric theme will get make you feel like the song was written for your waiting room visit.

4. Ok Go / Get Over It

This song really kicks ass. People always think of Ok Go as the "guys with the treadmill video", but they're much more than that. Nearly all of their videos have been viral hits, and this early track from the band is no exception. Get over your wait and rock out in the process.

5. Panic! At The Disco / Hallelujah

This song came out a while ago, but the new video was released yesterday. It's seriously catchy and will help you perk up if you've been waiting for a while, round out your irritating waiting room experience with this song and your day will definitely get better. I'm sure once your wait is over you'll be screaming Hallelujah too!
@LauraFisher If you like Marina you should look into St. Vincent she's a little more rock infused, but her song "Cruel" is really close to the Marina sound. :)
@LauraFisher Yes! Electra Heart is an amazing record. It's one of those records that you can listen to all the way through without skipping around at all.
@jordanhamilton yes! I actually did a post on bands from middle school that still make good music! lol. check it out:
@MargaretStevens Vevo is the service attached to YouTube that puts up all major artists' music videos.
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