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I'm that chick who get's bored with her hair far too often and when all else fails, I always turn to my trusty, dusty scarves.

You're probably thinking, you go out the house with a scarf on? Let me explain. It's not your average house scarf you tie on your head before you go to bed at night. I have a collection of bright and neutral colored scarves including a few scarves with some amazing print. I will admit, at one point in my life I was a scarf addict. I'm in the recovering stages as we speak.
I'm not one to toot my own horn, but on several occasions I've been stopped and questioned how in the world do I tie my scarf. Well, it's not rocket science and although it looks rather challenging -- it takes less than two minutes to perfect. Some would refer to it as the top knot, but I like to call it the flower. If you're interested in throwing on a stylish scarf and pulling together a quick look -- allow me to leave you with a couple quick steps to a beautiful headdress.

You can skip the first three steps and still achieve this amazing, effortless look.

Choose a funky colored or patterned scarf to bring your entire look together. Get creative.

Pretty easy, right? Oh, did I mention stylish.

I DID IT!!! IT LOOKED AWESOME!! I just needed a more flexible scarf
@jordanhamilton I'll definitely try that
You could def pull it off! Sometimes you just have to throw on a stocking cap or braid your hair down before wrapping the scarf and I've def experienced the headache at the end of the day. Just try not to tie the knot so tight! :) @RissaMartin
do you think I could pull this off? I love the style but I'm not sure it would work. I have uber thick curly hair and the pin-up style works (high bun with bandana) but the knots give me a huge headache at the end of the day.
do it do it do it! It's easy and fashionable. i def consider it a fashion statement @alywoah
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