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Never knew how much I missed ya!! The Parent Trap of the TV world, Sister, Sister always made me want to bump into my long-lost twin at the mall. It's been over TWENTY YEARS since this aired, which is terrifying, but also the perfect excuse to see what the twins are up to these days.
Tia was the nerdy sister that I always identified with, but Tamera had the spontaneity that always made me a little jealous. I always envied their sisterhood/best friendship (no offense to my older brother who I also like a lot...). Since the show, both Tia and Tamera have stepped into the world of reality TV, hosting a show about their lives post Sister, Sister.
Go home Roger!!! Just kidding, I always felt a little bad for Roger because the entire family was so mean to him, but he seems to be doing just fine for himself now. Marques Houston has had a fairly successful R&B career following his role as the dweeby neighbor on Sister, Sister.
Lisa Landry was the sassiest mom of the '90s. She was the perfect counter to Ray's uptight fathering tactics, and made the show much more fun to watch. Jackée Harry has stayed true to her Disney Channel roots, recently returning for a part on the sitcom Girl Meets World.
The strict parent who had to make up for Lisa's laid back personality, Ray was the bad guy with the good heart on Sister, Sister. After the series he starred in a couple movies and TV shows. True That '70s Show fans will remember him as Hyde's dad.
I'll leave you with the theme song which will 100% be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.
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loved this card, you should do more on the classic shows during that rise on WB.. Parent Trap, Wayans Brothers, etc.