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While it's a distinct possibility that the showrunners of 'Gotham' are just teasing us, we might already know who The Joker is. Last season we met Jerome. Played by Cameron Monaghan, Jerome is an extremely unhinged kid who murdered his own mother. His echoing laughter in the interrogation scene was definitely familiar. And yesterday Monaghan posted a very promising picture on Instagram.

It's not definitive, but dang wouldn't it be cool?

Monaghan is best known for his ongoing role on Shameless, where he plays a young man with bipolar disorder. Obviously the roles are extremely different, but in this most recent season Monaghan demonstrated astonishing skill depicting the illness. Check out a sample of his most recent work on the show below:
[Beware: clips contain adult content.]
Following in the footsteps of Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill must be intimidating for such a young actor. I think his outstanding performance surely proved that he'd be a great Joker. Is anyone else excited to see what he'd bring to the table?
I'll be sure to tag you in my next one @jordanhamilton ^_^
I couldn't agree more! yay! I can't wait for us to engage in more convos about Gotham now lol
Definitely @jordanhamilton and Gotham is such a different take on the story anyway I wouldn't see it s a challenge so much as an homage if anything
YES! You have a fan in me :) and yeah, the sob to cackle was beyond creepy and is all the more reason why i think he has to be the joker, definitely. But I agree with you Heath def owned that role, but I think it would be great to see someone else try it out. There will never be another Heath, but I definitely think there's room to walk in his footsteps. Looking forward to what's to come.
I'm glad you appreciated it @jordanhamilton and I'm glad I've found another Gotham fan! Yeah that laugh is really something. And the way he switches from sobbing to cackling.... that transition gave me chills, no lie! He's definitely a talented actors (he's FANTASTIC in Shameless, which I totally love too). I'm really excited to see the way they take this character. Since Heath Ledger died no one else has really wanted to try. And partially I think it's out of respect. He OWNED that role in a way no one has since Mark Hamill and I think in a way we needed to pay our respects. But I think based on what I've seen from this actor they're going to brink the Joker back in style!
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