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The Mets just went 4-2 on a West Coast road trip.
Does Jacob deGrom look like an All-Star starting pitcher? As in, maybe the guy who is going to start the All Star game for the NL?
No, not really. He looks more like a washed-up skateboarder, hoping to make one last run at the X-Games title.
But who cares what he looks like! deGrom put in another superb start start last night, going 8 innings and allowing 0 runs on just 2 hits, striking out 10.
That's serious stuff.
Eric Campbell came up with a big insurance 2-run homer in the 9th last night and the Mets won their second consecutive series, this time over the Giants. They head home now for three against Arizona before the All Star break.

Look, I know the Mets can't hit. I know this, and you do too.

And to say anything like, "maybe it doesn't matter, if the pitching is this good" is naïve, frankly. It does matter - to make the playoffs, you need to score more runs. But today, let's take a look at the good.

And the good is, like, really, really fucking good.

The pitching staff is remarkably good. And the best part is that as good as it is, it's even more promising. Next year will be even better, with the return of Zach Wheeler and the continued development of Syndergaard and Matz.
And if...IF... somehow, this team gets it together (ahem, Sandy Alderson, that means you make a damn trade) and is able to beat out the Pirates and Cubs for the Wild Card spot (the division title remains a pipe dream), there is a reality that must be addressed:

Who would want to play the Mets in a 5-game series with elimination on the line?

Think about it.

Game 1, deGrom.
Game 2, Harvey.
Game 3, Syndergaard.
Game 4, Matz.
Game 5, deGrom.
Good luck, opposition. The odds of any of those guys giving up more than 3 runs in a start is really, really low.
I like my chances, a lot. And in a 7-game series, the opposition gets Harvey twice, deGrom twice, a start from Syndergaard and Matz each, and probably one from veteran Bartolo Colon (I expect Jon Niese will be gone by the postseason). It's really, really hard to come up with consistent run production against this team. Sure, in a seven game set, one start will be a clunker, in all likelihood. But more than one? I don't see it. @christianmordi, this is why I don't want to give up a young arm.
For now, though, I'll keep dreaming.... because... well... that's all the postseason seems at this point. We're close, but not close enough.

We all know what's missing here.

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great card. The pitching is there and you make a great point: The Mets are a scary team to face in a 5 game series. They are SO CLOSE to making a push and nabbing a playoff spot.. the trade must happen