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Well all know the feeling. When you go to your new friend requests and your mom, uncle, aunt, grandpa, pretty much anyone who you're related to, is sitting there, waiting to be your online friend.
Truth be told, my Dad had to yell up to my room to accept my Moms friend request (Sorry Mom!)
It's not them seeing you cursing on status' that sucks. Its what they will do to your page that instantly flashes through your mind as you are forced to click the accept button.
1. They will tag pictures of you from your glory years aka, the awkward ages of 10-14 when braces, acne, unflattering clothing choices and attempted crimped hairstyles were all the rage.
2. Before you get to untag and report that monster of a picture about half of your friends will have liked, shared or tagged themselves in the same picture.
3. To counteract the terrible tagging you will profile a new pic, and it will be perfect...
4. Until grandma comes out of no where in the comments and asks how you are! Does she know nothing? Pic comments are to talk about the pic, not to have a whole convo about the 10th grade. Thats for messaging grandma ugh
5. She will ask the same question on your status when you conveniently forget to answer her questions on your selfie.
6. You will eventually have to block them from almost everything, simply because if you unfriend them they will notice but if you block them they won't understand why you don't post anything anymore.
A silent victory.
7. You notice one day that your friends Mom has joined Facebook and has already shared a political picture. Life has just gotten so much better.
When I moved to California from NJ, I used to make these emo Facebook statues about all the friends I missed, and my dad would comment EVERY TIME like "WATCH JERSEY SHORE. WE'RE FREE!!!!!"
I held onto my moms friend request for 4 years and finally gave in to her once I was 21 and as a gift for Mothers Day!
And I am glad for you. haha :)
@rodiziketan I'm just glad my dad doesn't want a Facebook!!!! That would be awful
I still have not accept my fathers request. We talked about it, and after a year or so of convincing him that my posts are nothing I am ashamed of or nothing I would need to hide from him, he's okey now, not being my facebook friend.
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