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Yeah, we all love Jack Sparrow...but we didn't know he had this in him.
Pirates aren't known for their kindness or their generosity. Aside from some ill-fated compliments during the films, Pirate of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow rarely thinks of anyone but himself.
Johnny Depp, however is a different story. His good works have been well documented in the past, and his staying power as an actor is partly due to his fantastic work as a person.
But Johnny Depp flipped the script when he dropped everything he was doing in Australia (filming some new blockbuster no doubt), to visit kids in a children's hospital.
If we can learn anything from Depp's hospital visit, it's that nobody is too busy to share a little bit of happiness. This guy is the most famous actor in the world, and he dressed up, got into character and even enlisted another actor to be his chum, and brighten people's days.
Not only did Depp's hospital visit brighten the days of the kids he met, but it gave the rest of us hope that there are still good things happening in the world.
Do something kind today, and you'll be one step closer to being as cool as Captain Jack Sparrow!
Yeah, pretty much.
@LauraFisher it's smart of him! Haha
I read a rumor somewhere that Johnny Depp just keeps his Jack Sparrow costume with him all the time just to do stuff like this!
Omg @LauraFisher i hope that's true!! haha. He's such a boss