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Can you believe it? Luhan got married! To his Korean girlfriend! And they just had a baby!

Rumors are the worst! But sometimes, they are hilarious!
Here's how it happened.
Today, June 9th, a Chinese website released "news" that a former Korean idol "L" who is currently working in China has become a father. They also reported that "L" tied the knot with his Korean girlfriend back in March!
They might as well have just explicitly stated it's Luhan from EXO! Silly reporters!
The rumor gained enough audience that Luhan's representatives had to release an official statement on the matter.
“This morning a user of Weixin wrote about a young star ‘L’ becoming a father. It lead to many rumors that are groundless and they have spread without being confirmed. These malicious and baseless rumors have affected Luhan quite negatively.”
“Luhan doesn’t have a Korean girlfriend like the rumors say and it is untrue that he has gotten married and had a child.”
The poor guy is already going through a lawsuit with SM, no need to spread more rumors about him. Although, wouldn't his marriage and becoming a dad be good news for us fans? At least we'd know he's happy and doing well.
Can you imagine how shocked Luhan must've been when he woke up and realized he's married and has a child? Hahaha.
Some of these rumors may be awful, but at least they gives us a good laugh. Hope this one dies down soon!
"Can you imagine how shocked Luhan must've been when he woke up and realized he's married and has a child?" lol hahahah that was my favorite part XD!!!
I got that vingle notification that said "EXO member got married" but misread it as "EXO members got married" and I was like "which two?" I'd be happy to wake up to a photoshoot of baekhyun in a wedding dress tbh
I like how everyone is talking about which EXO member would be the Korean girlfriend....HAHAHA
Woah Woah, I'm so happy that's not true, this would be the laugh of the day, just wow, whoever made this up, shame on you
@poojas I fear for those who started that rumor theu dont know what danger they put the world in xD
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