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Hello, guys. I'm Sunny and I'm Korean. haha Although I moved to america when I was 9, I'm still able to speak, write and read the language. I wrote an introduction card about myself, so check it out if you're interested. anyways.
I am writing this card because I have been spotting many members that are interested in learning the language. It was expected and I'm more than willing to help you guys as much as possible. I understand that it's difficult to teach someone online, but I'm going to try my best.
picture: "Flower Cloud" A cloud with various colors. Feel free to tag me @shjej5835 in your cards or comment below with questions if you have any and I'll try my best to help you! You can also choose to show off your korean skills ;) and Ill let you know what I think! Impress me because I know you guys can! ♡Sunny
thank you! You're awesome 😊
@fourstargeneral Yeah, in general, you should use ~요 as an ending to shows formality. Beware that you can't just add 요 to everything though, so yes it does sometimes depend on the situation. Like, You might have to conjugate the verb differently or add more to the 요.
@fourstargeneral ofc, do you have any specific question or concern?
Help me with life... And Korean
@shjej5835 Can you teach me to speak Korean so that I can understand and be able to hold a conversation with GD?
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