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Who would’ve known a discrepancy over anytime minutes with a phone company could be taken this far?
Yesterday Wale was in a joking mood on social media and hit Sprint with a one-liner discussing an overdue bill. Sprint caught wind of the tweet and back a clever jab of their own (see image 2 for the first half of the full convo.)
I guess Wale wasn’t feeling the response and decided to go over the top. Sprint didn’t back down though tweeting out “@Wale , Who you got on Speed dial, Complex?” The Magazine reference was golden, as the DC flamespitter went on a twitter tirade awhile back with the magazine over his ranking on their top rappers of the year list.
Wale sent one last hail mary tweet at the company saying "Nah AT&T, They sending me free work."
This convo went a bit too far on both ends. With that being said, I doubt we will see an apology from either side.
Who do you think won this war of words?