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It's not a secret that Kylie Jenner has a thing for makeup. Her selfies tell it all.

You've asked about her makeup routine and her ever so famous shade of lipstick -- now all your questions can and will be answered because Kylie is officially launching her own site featuring all of her beauty secrets.
Yesterday the youngest Jenner girl posted a selfie with the caption, "Can't wait to release all my beauty secrets on coming soon." Are you excited? Don't all speak at once. I can't even lie though, her makeup stays flawless -- so I must admit I'm definitely looking forward to what this site will have in store and what tips I can snag.

Just in case you might need a Kylie Jenner starter kit in the meantime.

If you simply just want to get plump, full lips refer here

I guess we will just have to stalk her Instagram and stay tuned for updates about this amazing site that will hopefully have our faces looking snatched from left to right.