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Time to revamp those boring flats! Instead of just wearing a one-colored pair of flats, why not make them unique and add some glitter? This project is super easy and will had some sparkly flair to your outfit. This tutorial comes from the innovative and creative people over at Brit + Co.


All you will need for this project is a pair of ballet flats (other options are here, here and here), painter's tape, gold spray paint and plastic bags. It's that simple: just four items.

Prepare the shoes

Remove any bows or details from the area that you want to paint on the ballet flats. Use the painter's tape to create a straight line on the top of the flats. Use the plastic bags to cover the rest of the flats that you don't want painted.

Spray away!

Use the gold spray paint to cover the flats with gold sparkles. You may have to do a few coats, but let each coat dry completely before you spray the next coat of paint on the flats. You can also finish the gold coat off with a clear sealer if you want to ensure that the paint will stay on in any condition.

Let the paint dry

Let the paint dry for at least 15 minutes (I would suggest waiting a little bit longer just to be sure that it is completely dry). Then, remove the painter's tape and plastic bags. Voila! You have beautiful gold-toed flats!

Rock your fun and unique pair of flats!

Love this idea because it's fresh, easy, beautiful and so much more!
Oh wow this looks so simple and so cute!!
@marshalledgar me too! It's so simple and it's a great way to revamp simple flats.