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Congratulations! You are getting married and I can not be more happy for you! Except now the planning as begun and you have no idea what to do, what you want, and how the hell to deal with your mother in laws consent input on how the big day should be.
Don't worry, you will get through this and have the most amazing day to begin your most AMAZING life. So, to help you out a bit (and get you thinking about something other then your future in-law) I compiled a list of fun, subtle, tacky-free ways to incorporate some color into your wedding day!
This can help satisfy the more whimsical, goofy bride in you while still having a very elegant affair!
The flowers are the perfect way to add just a dash of color into your wedding! If you snag a beautiful, bright bouquet the colors will POP even if everything else is a beautiful white. You can stop just at your special flowers, but if you crave more color, use bright flowers on the tables, chairs, or centerpieces!
You want your man, and all his men, looking dapper. But letting them express themselves with goofy, colorful socks will only add to the personality of the wedding! If you're feeling brave they can even do different bow ties, although I would make sure they all buy the same style in different colors to keep it uniformed.
Just like the socks, matching shoes with mismatched colors is amazing! Especially because this bride also match the flowers to the shoes and had hers a mix of each. A very classy way to show some color.
Ribbions are a beautiful (and cheap) way to add some color and a vintage feel to any wedding. You can hang them from the sides of the chairs, down the aisle, have some in your hair, some for guests to "tie the knot" for you, or just hang them over the dessert table! Anyway you use them, ribbons will look beautiful, colorful, and vintage.
Balloon Wall
I have never heard of this before butttt, now I want one for my wedding! Its a super playful way to decorate a wall, and it can double as a perfect place for guest photos! Use the colored balloons as the perfect backdrop, add some props and there ya go!
The Cake
The cake is the perfect place to add some color! It can be floral decorations all down the front or, if you want to make it a colorful surprise, have only the inside rainbow! It will look both elegant and playful depending on how much is cut away!