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It doesn't matter if you're running 2 miles or 20 miles. If you find yourself out of breath the moment your feet hit the ground you're probably running too tense. Try to loosen up your shoulders and chest. Always remember to run tall and relaxed, while controlling your breathing pattern with each stride you take. Never run too tight, too tense, or too stiff. Open up your chest because the more you expand your lungs the more efficient your use of oxygen will be in each breath. Now, go dominate your next run.
I would also advise people to think about their diet. Are you getting enough iron? If not you could be anaemic, which can give you that awful out of breath feeling.
Wonderful advice @shannonl5!
Thanks @skee292 totally from personal experience. Hopefully others can learn form my mistakes XD
People with asthma know the paaaaain uwu