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WTF fashion: art frame dresses

It has long been known that fine art serves as inspiration for many of the world's top designers. But these gowns take that inspiration way too literally. Instead of just using whatever the artist painted on the canvas as inspiration, Viktor & Rolf decided they would use the entire painting, frame and all, as fashion inspiration for their designs shown at the 2015 Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris.
Who in their right mind willingly wears wood frames as a fashion statement? Right, only the models that are paid to wear that. And because making one of these frame dresses isn't enough, the designer made a whole line of them.
Okay, if you need two men to help you even put on your dress, it just shouldn't be worn.
Is it just me or does the model's face say, "Yeah, I have no idea what I'm wearing either and I really hope they are paying me a lot for this."
The designers also showcased a more casual look that featured blank canvases (complete with their wood backing) made into dresses. I'm guessing these "casual" dresses are for everyday fashion, in their mind and no one else's.
The good thing about these dresses is that they are very functional. You can easily start painting whenever and wherever artistic inspiration hits you. Just strip off your dress and start painting. You won't get any weird looks, I promise.
Oh my! These dresses have my attention. They are beautiful in such a bizarre way.
It looks like what would happen if I went drunk streaking through the Louvre.
I don't know anything about art or fashion, that being said it did grab my eye. It's something new to me and I liked it.
@Jaydia @sherrysahar I think they would be a lot more wearable for everyday fashion if they didn't have wood frames as part of the piece of clothing. They are definitely unique and artistic!
They're actually quite stunning. Made even more so/dramatic by the models' plain hairstyles, keeping the focus on the masterpieces. With the right materials, I could see these being rocked as abstract gowns, cloaks, blouses, even bomber jackets.
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Hot Topic's Cartoon Network Line Looks AMAZING.
Ever want to switch your style up to something that screamed 'Marceline'? Or maybe you looked at Steven Universe's beloved Cookie Cat ice cream and went, "Man, they should put that on a sweater!"? Well, my friends, Hot Topic just dropped a new collab with Cartoon Network, and it's all the cartoon-inspired fashion you could possibly want - and more! There's pieces inspired by our favorite Cartoon Network shows, including classics like 'Dexter's Laboratory' and 'Courage The Cowardly Dog'. Check 'em out! Adventure Time Finn hooded shirt, BMO cardigan, Marceline mini dress, Finn & Jake button-up, Adventure Time babydoll dress, Marceline striped sweater Steven Universe Cookie Cat sweater, Mr. Universe t-shirt, Rose Quartz dress, Steven Universe star-patterned button-up, Garnet dress, Amethyst cardigan, Pearl dress Dexter's Laboratory Dexter button-up, Dexter babydoll dress The Powerpuff Girls Powerpuff Girls bomber jacket Courage The Cowardly Dog Courage cardigan The clothes all fall in the $25 to $70 range and come in a variety of sizes so that people of all ages, shapes, and sizes can sport their favorite Cartoon Network show wherever they go when it drops in stores this week. Which brings me to my question: What's got you screaming "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"? (Garnet's dress from 'Steven Universe' is tugging at my fangirl heart strings right now.) @Jaileejailee @mst2000mt @midevildragon @johnbell @JtacoGuzman @sewilson550 @DmNapier @TiaJanay @realtgreat @JessiPetro @Jackie0Wackie @ChrisJMoreno @ShonA @xuannhi26 @KendraMaddison @kbecker @Poetry4Power @isssc1100 @TechAtHeart @Krystalstar22 @YumiMiyazaki @ninjabryan @szewwy @HappyLulie @Sara3 @PrincessUnicorn @LenaBlackRose @AmberMatthews @JaiiPanda @MrOmega @ShakirBishop @hermoineNH1 @KageTsuki040910 @JaredDaigre @EXOAsf @CynthiaForeman @jevonlowery @midevildragon @jayeon6 @selfishmachines @BenDeierlein @vinylleyva @JohnMcCullough @PurpleStarzz @addri @Pj91777 @SpazMatic @IsmarieRamirez @SarahSutcliff @KpopGaby @YumiMiyazaki @arnelli @priscillasdoor @ColeKat13 @TehDL @AprilNapier @CollinShipley