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Southpaw's release is quickly approaching and with that comes a new trailer for the film that puts more emphasis on Eminem's musical involvement in the film.
There's something about pairing a trailer with a great song that intensifies the excitement an audience (me) has for the film. In this case, Eminem's "Kings Never Die" featuring Gwen Stefani definitely achieves that.
It's a weird to admit but Eminem's track in the trailer is the highlight of the trailer. By this point, we've seen almost everything there is to see when it comes to this movie and its previous trailers. We know Jake Gyllenhaal's character Billy Hope has a tumultuous life and he's trying to get back in the ring, we understand the trouble he's going through with his family, there's nothing new about the visual content in the trailer. But by using Eminem's new track to score the trailer, it feels revitalized, different, and new.
Southpaw will be in theaters in two weeks on July 24th, 2015