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Romario Dos Santos is from Brazil and aspires to be a bodybuilder. He wanted his body to resemble The Hulk, so he decided to take extreme measures and risk his life to achieve the look. During his transformation, he injected a cocktail called synthol which is made up of alcohol, painkillers, and oil into his biceps.

"I remember the doctor told me that they would need to amputate both arms. They said everything in there, all my muscles, were rock" Romario Dos Santos said.

But that wasn't all he did. He also used a horse hormones. His muscles developed synthol rocks, which the doctor said they had to remove.

Romario stated that he's regrets using synthol. His goal is to remain clean and continue to fight to become a bodybuilder.

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Oh god that's so scary and horrifying! I hope people learn from his story not to take these drastic measures.
2 years ago·Reply
Idk why he's doing all that flexing, it isn't even muscle.
2 years ago·Reply
Lmao! Well, I would hope some of it is actually is muscle! @xvakarian
2 years ago·Reply
that's insane
2 years ago·Reply
wanted to become hulk..but end up becoming junk..!! better luck next tym ...sympathy :p
2 years ago·Reply