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Everyone knows this look — it's one of the most iconic film fashion moments ever. Julia Roberts stole the show and our hearts in this 1990 romantic flick, but her prostitute outfit became one of the most memorable and most repeated fashion moments ever.
Costume designer Marilyn Vance was the idea behind the iconic blue mini-skirt with attached tank top. Vance and her team created this look from scratch, from folds of fabric to the very last stitch. Vance expressed her love for the 'hooker dress' to Elle in 2010:
"That dress, or the entire outfit, was one of my favorites. It was inspired by a bathing suit I had from the `60s. A different ring, of course, in the center, but no, I made that myself. The boots I did buy—I had to order them from a store called NaNa in Chelsea, England."
The 'prostitute dress' has been one of the most repeated looks for Halloween and costume parties. The number of replicas of the dress that are out there is astounding. It's pretty easy to see the 'Pretty Woman' inspiration in these looks. Emma Watson wore a replica of the iconic dress for the cover of GQ and Miley Cyrus rocked a similar dress for a night out with her friends. .
Emma Roberts (who is Julia Robert's niece) wore a costume version of the dress for Halloween.

A great movie and an iconic fashion moment.

This look is totally making a comeback! Love this movie.
OMG My all time favorite JR movie! I could put "Pretty Woman" on repeat and never tire of it. It had everything going for it. The swoon-worthy Richard Gere, JR's fashion and stellar hair, the sweep-me-off-my-feet fairytale, and the most important elements. The three c's: charm, chemistry, and charisma.
@TessStevens Me too! Writing this card made me want to go watch it again haha