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It seems like people really liked my first card, If Captain America had an iPod. So I thought I would do another one for Bucky!

Unlike Steve, Bucky might actually remember disco. *shudder*

Even though Bucky and Steve have been best friends since childhood, but I think they'd actually have very different taste in music. As I said in the first card, I think Steve would spend a lot of time exploring the music that he missed, trying to catch up to the 21st century after spending almost 70 years asleep in ice. Bucky on the other hand lived through the past decades, and most of them were pretty terrible since he was a POW brainwashed by Hydra. He might not want to revisit those memories. Instead, I think he'd want something upbeat and positive to help him adjust to living life on his terms.
(Fanart by petite-madame)

Raise Your Glass- Pink

This is the ultimate party song for weirdos and misfits. Bucky has survived a lot of hardships. He lost his arm and had it replaced with a weapon. He was abducted by a secret criminal organization and forced to forget everything; his life, his freedom, even his own name. Recovering from seventy years' worth of manipulation and horror? Takes time. Just being able to blast a song that's so hopeful and exuberant would feel really liberating after so much struggling.

Hot n' Cold- Katy Perry

Bucky has a kind of terrible sense of humor. Probably due to the fact that he grew up poor during The Great Depression. And then joined the army during some of the most brutal fighting of World War II. It was a coping mechanism. So the dreadful irony of this song would probably be too much for him to resist. Not only did his best friend Captain America spend several decades essentially napping while frozen, Bucky was frequently put on ice during his unwilling tenure as the Winter Soldier. Playing this song would signal the return of Bucky's terrible, terrible jokes.

Halo- Beyonce

Okay, I owe this song choice to fanfiction 100%. The night has seen your mind by bomberqueen17 is probably one of the best grumpy Bucky fics out there. In it, Bucky is trying to take down Hydra after the events of CA:tWS and struggling with the after-effects of decades of brainwashing. He relies on his smartphone to help him- he takes photos of things he's worried he can't remember, and he uses music to ground himself instead of letting his anxiety overwhelm him or his survival-mode endanger him.
He settled with his back to the wall and tried to compose himself— inside, he felt like he was shaking apart, and it had sent part of him into mission headspace, analyzing threats and strategizing exits. It wasn’t a good way to see Steve again non-confrontationally, but there was no good way to see Steve. He had one of the earbuds in, and was listening to music to keep focused. He’d made it through Jay-Z’s works and had discovered the guy had a super-hot wife who he was definitely going to watch more music videos of next time he was in a place with a power outlet he could abuse. In the meantime, her music was a little less aggressive, and was probably a better idea to use as a calming influence.

Hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time: that's the Marvel fandom for you.

Hit me like a ray of sun Burning through my darkest night You're the only one that I want Think I'm addicted to your light

I and Love and You- The Avett Brothers

No Bucky Barnes fanmix would be complete without this song. It's melancholic and pensive. But it's hopeful, too. Like Bucky, this song finds its home in Brooklyn. It's where Bucky grew up, and of course it's changed since the 40s. But it's still home. After losing everything, the familiar streets and neighborhoods will still be there for him.
Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in Are you aware the shape I'm in My hands they shake my head it spins Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in

Bonus: Every Stucky shipper will immediately start bawling if they hear this song.

Shake it Off- Taylor Swift

Bucky loved to dance. It's fanon. It's canon. Bucky Barnes was a charmer. I think he'd definitely appreciate Taylor Swift. She's a savvy businessperson, and she's built her empire on positivity and love for what she does. Plus, we all know Hydra are the ultimate haters of the Marvel universe. Bucky can definitely shake 'em off though!

Best Song Ever- One Direction

This song is secretly the soundtrack of Bucky's dance hall shenanigans. Remember how I said Bucky Barnes was a charmer? Yeah, he had a lot of... encounters with the ladies. And they probably all went something like this.
Said her name was Georgia Rose (wow) And her daddy was a dentist Said I had a dirty mouth (I got a dirty mouth) But she kissed me like she meant it I said can I take you home with me She said never in your wildest dreams And we danced all night to the best song ever We knew every line Now I can't remember How it goes but I know That I won't forget her Cause we danced all night to the best song ever

Can you tell I just want Bucky to be happy?

Sure, he might not *actually* listen to saccharine pop music if he, y'know, ACTUALLY existed. This is what I like to imagine though. A Bucky Barnes who's been through a terrible ordeal, who still manages to find things to smile about. I guess it's a comforting headcanon, because I like to believe that people can come back from hardship.
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@shannonI5 I actually have a head cannon that Bucky likes current rock. I feel like its close to his personality. Also, if he's with Krystal, she'll introduce him to everything she likes.