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Happy National Sugar Cookie Day! Okay, okay, so maybe you couldn't care less about the confectionery holiday, but you need to like, clip and share this for your wedding. Especially for @DaniaChicago who is planning her own Tiffany Blue wedding for next year!
Sugar cookies (without all the frosting and glam accessories) are a food staple that I could live off of for the rest of my life. However, these powdery blue cookies are divine with the silver gilt embellishments, silver beads and pearl appliques.
What are your thoughts on this for your sweet table? What about as take-aways? Guests can nosh on these the whole drive home! Click here for even more sweet table ideas!
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@marshalledgar yeah are you allowed to eat the silvery parts? probably not right lol sometimes fancy wedding decorations confuse me
I am so glad you brought that up @LizArnone. Yes and No. Confusing, right? For these, yes, you can totally eat them. Totally safe. Easiest way to not be confused: Finger foods are edible. Cut/plated foods are not always edible, though they could be. Because sugar is opaque, it's near impossible to get the glitter effect from faceted candy. Therefore, much of the true glittering rhinestones that you see on cakes ARE NOT edible. Expert cake platers--yes, they exist--will often disrobe plated cake from the non-edible objects.
@marshalledgar seriously good to know since I am coming up tot hat age where wedding season will start for my friends hahha don't want to accidentally choke on something that isn't suppose to be edible! Thanks so much i love your cards!
YOu're very welcome @LizArnone. I have been to a million weddings. I've even stood in about a thousand of them. It's been wedding central in my life since I was a kid. I may not know everything, but I've pretty much seen it all. LOL Feel free to ask as many questions as you like from me or anyone in the Weddings Community.
Thanks for the tag @marshalledgar These are super cute cookies! OMG! Showing my mom right now!!! <3