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Salut! Here's a fun, basic lesson that's easy for anyone to learn :)
rouge – red
orange – orange
jaune – yellow
vert – green
bleu – blue
violet – purple
gris – gray
marron – brown
noir – black
blanc – white
rose – pink
Here's a video from Learn French with Alexa (a very nice series that I definitely recommend) so you can hear how all the colors are pronounced.
Alexa also goes over a few example sentences, and demonstrates a little about using colors as adjectives, which I'll explain a bit more later. She also teaches you this phrase, which – you never know! – might come in handy:
C'est quelle couleur? – What color is it?

Using Colors as Adjectives

In French, adjectives are often placed after the verb.
Le chat noir – the black cat
French adjectives also agree in gender and number with the verb they are describing.
Les chats noirs – black cats
Here, noir is made plural because chats is plural. Like in English, in French, you make things plural by adding an s. But pay attention to the gender of the noun too! The adjective must agree.
Le chat noir
La table noire – the black table
Chat is masculine, so noir is left as it is. But table is a feminine noun, and so the feminine form of noir (in this case, formed by adding an e) is used.
Here are the colors that change according to gender, and those that don't.
Stay the same:
Change according to gender:
vert (m), verte (f)
bleu (m), bleue (f)
violet (m), violette (f)
gris (m), grise (f)
noir (m), noire (f)
blanc (m), blanche (f)
Finally, if you wish to be even more specific when describing color, here's how you say "light" and "dark." To say light blue, add "clair" after the masculine form of bleu:
bleu clair – light blue
To say dark blue, add "foncé" (fon–SAY) after the masculine form of bleu:
bleu foncé – dark blue
So those are the basics (and then some) of color in French! As always, please let me know if you have any questions or requests :)
If you're a beginner and you'd like to learn more French, follow my collection Start Learning French! Bon courage :)