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I went to sleep last night anticipating this amazing collection.

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was going to be simply beautiful -- from the packaging to the color payoff. As I approached work I couldn't get my mind off the idea that such an amazing collection was officially in stores today. I called the nearest MAC literally at the crack of dawn and much to my surprise they were open. I asked if they were selling the collection (see collection here) at this specific location and they were. I wanted to break out in a dance, but I kept my composure. For the next two hours I watched the clock like a hawk -- counting down the hours until I went on my break and made a dash for the nearest MAC counter.
The clock hit 12 o'clock and I felt like Cinderella making my way down the hall and onto the elevator, I was closer than I ever would be at this very moment. I approached the store and I heard a choir of angels singing in my ears telling my to go inside. I walked in and there the collection was awaiting my arrival. It was even more beautiful in person.
The bright colors caused me to salivate -- reminding me of starburst. I wanted to purchase every color, but like R.Kelly -- my mind was telling me no. So I reached for the orange one, her name is Margherita and boy was she a beauty. I immediately fell in love after trying her on and I knew right then and there, it was meant to be.
Margherita is not only a beautiful name for a lipstick, but it's an absolutely beautiful color. The packaging is literally to die for and the matte consistency is creamy and smooth leaving your lips extremely moisturized. The color color is pigmented and reminiscent to the packaging. A liner is not needed, but that's your personal preference. I felt like it looked better on me once I lined my lips.
I try not to buy too many lipsticks these days because I'll admit I am a recovering lipstick addict, but I couldn't pass this collection up. If you don't mind spending a little more than you usually do on your MAC lippies, I urge you to run to your nearest MAC counter and score one of these beautiful babies before they sell out.
I love the color! It looks great on you xo <3
yayyyy! thank you :) <3 @alywoah might be my new summer fave