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To those unable to count calories:
Do not be ashamed because I have been there. People rave that counting calories is the best way to lose weight and I hope it is...for them. I have friends that see wonderful results and it makes me so happy.
But for me, counting calories became a pathway leading me to a relationship with food that I would not survive. I would look at that total calorie number I would be given that day and wonder how far under I can manage to get. And after that day, if I can get lower then the day before. Could I cut my required calorie intake in half?
Guilty work outs came when calorie counts became to high. I'd go out to dinner with friends, come home and do "guilty sit-ups" to try and take away some calories. My body convinced itself that if it eats a certain thing (whatever my brain decided is too much), I would feel nauseous. Calories would be the only thing on my mind as my body forced itself survive on minimal.

Calorie Counting led me to a relationship with food that is far from healthy.

So I stopped.

And I am so much healthier because of it.

Now to be healthy I eat less, because lets be real, we are all eating way to much. I eat fresh, and try and avoid the middle sections of the grocery store. I work out because I want to, not because I enjoyed myself at a restaurant with my boyfriend. I cook amazing food and try to limit my how much cheese and sauce I use.
But I still love cheese and sauce... so I add them, because I like to eat, and I like to cook, and I know that working out and eating right will give me results.
Eating right and being healthy does not have to revolve around numbers and limitations. Eating right revolves around bright colors and favorite flavors, and eating something that makes you feel amazing, not something that leaves you feeling sick.
Being unable to count calories will not stop you from being healthy! Go against the norm and find your own healthy lifestyle and just know, if you are happy with you, then it is working.
These are the sort of things I like reading! Thank you, @LizArnone. I appreciate your honesty. We all need to remember that how we define healthy can be much different from what the media tells us what healthy is. There's very little productivity in obsessing over the amount calories you consume. And health is more than just that number on the scale, or the calorie content on a nutrition label.
@alywoah thanks so much! it really is just all about finding what works for you and your healthy lifestyle and then just going for it! my friend has been seeing so much success with counting calories and I have seen a lot of success without counting so its just a matter of figuring it all out haha
@LizArnone Thanks for posting this. It has opened my mind to retry counting my calories. I gave up before becauae i couldn't do it but you have me not wanting to give up anymore. And i love your honesty. keep posting things like this!