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have y'all seen the snsd episode of running man yet?! it was so funny! i couldn't stop laughing~ i always say every time minho goes on running man, he becomes my shinee bias LOL. best part was the "MINHO YAH, WE ARE BOTH CHOIS. MINHO YAH, YOU KNOW NOONA CARES ABOUT YOU A LOT, RIGHT?" oh, sooyoung. this is why she's my bias hahaha what was your favorite part of the episode? who's your favorite member? do y'all like snsd's comeback? what about their hair omg?? (sooyoung's hair is perfect)
@thatkdramalover omg yes please watch this episode! i'm not a sone, but this episode was seriously hilarious!! plus, it's impossible to resist watching for minho~ haha
@Sophia10 she would've made a great businesswoman if she wasn't an idol LOL
@ephneyt yea she would be...i would probably fall for it lol
now I must go watch this episode. it's sounds hilarious and I love minho on variety shows
loved this episode of running man...she sure knows how to negotiate lol