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Hello! I am new to this community... Okay, so lets start of with the basics...
Annyeonghaseyo! My name is Razita, but call me Razberry~ Hehehehehe~ I know I'm weird. I am a highschool freshman, and a person who dearly loves kpop... In order to tell you how i got into kpop, let me take you back in time.........to elementary school.
I was a small little fella. Quite young. Loved the world and the people in it. I discovered a magazine on the living room table. I questioned myself... "What is this?", and started to flip through. That is when I discovered my first kpop group. SNSD. This was during their Gee promotion time, so around 2009? Wow. I was so small back then. Of course, I did not really care of who "SNSD" was until I found their MV on YouTube(childhood website). I saw their music and dance, and once again I questioned myself, "What are they saying? But those outfits though....", and thus I became exposed to the kpop world.
But this story does not tell how I was introduced to Korea. Let me just say this, I am a third-generation kdrama addict. My grandma, my mother and I all love KDramas. My grandma bought a DVD player just so she can watch KDramas(before it was a trend to watch it online). My mother was into every single kdrama out there. And me? I just watch every romcom drama they have ever produced(okay, maybe not everything.). Korea was already a major part in our family, yet none of us understood things other than "Saranghae" or "Annyeong". So just from that info, you could tell how I was always influenced by the Korean ways...
Now, you probably are confused on why I put that gif of TOP just kissing a cardboard cutout of himself. Well that is a representation of myself. I love myself. I may be slightly harsh on myself. But it doesn't mean I do not love the Razberry~ hehehehehe~ As a teenage girl, I understand that loving myself is an important aspect in succeeding in life. And I know that I always have to believe in the thought that one day, I too, shall meet my boyfriend(aka my bias that is on the other side of the world).
My intro is semi-short. I know that I must have sounded like a conceited person who only talk about herself, but since I do not have the ability to write, I ended up writing like this. But I love making friends, everywhere! So do not be afraid to approach me, say "Sup, Razberry?". But yeah. Bye? DX
@VixenVivi you too!! I read your intro card before I read this XD!! Thank you!
Hey @JackieMurrayCab !!! Thanks!!
Welcome to the group Razberry.
(*^◯^*) Thank you @xoxoaudra98!!
Hehe thanks @MattK95!!!
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