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The House

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have officially split which now answers the question as to why Disick bought this house in the first place. Reports showed he bought this quietly for a much higher asking price months ago making many assume it was a fall-back for upcoming issues...*cough* *divorce* *cough*. The house sits in Beverly Hills, about an hour drive away from the Kardashians in Calabasas. He's got three kids now and Kourtney couldn't deal with the 'excessive partying' any longer so instead of sleeping on the couch, he got this great $3.7 million dollar home. Okay.

Family Room

It's no surprise that he went with an open floor plan. Beautiful floors with white couches, white walls, and blue accents. It's a very modern approach but seems stylish as well. However white couches, really? Can't wait for one of your kids to drop some fruit punch all over it.

Dining Room

Now we see a very classy informal dining room. In homes today, traditional dining rooms are on their way out of the home with a more informal eating area being put into place. However it still has uniquely nice chairs and dark wooden pieces. I hate that tree...just saying.

Living Room

A very relaxing living room to just unwind and read a book or magazine while watching someone prepare a meal in the kitchen. It's very cozy and definitely something more reasonable in a home. I love how the open concept of the kitchen makes you feel connected to the rest of the house. Look at those beautiful windows!


Love it. Great Island. Simple cooking. Not much to say, I'm just a fan.

Master Bedroom

Okay really bland but very adult. I guess this is very posh but it just lacks originality. However it does match the rest of the house and Scott does need a good bed to pass out in after his heavy drinking. Again, some great natural light coming in.

Master Bath

Okay I'm absolutely obsessed with this bathroom. it looks like a hotel bathroom no doubt. Lol that it has double sinks... one extra sink for every girl he brings home. Harsh? Oh well. However the tub is gorgeous and the wall in shower is plenty room. There's nothing in this bathroom to not like.

The Closet

Holy. Closet.

The Study

Simple. This obviously is just for show because it has no sense of professionalism. Its aesthetic is very nice and it continues the same look throughout the house. It's just kinda boring. However I do love the glass table.

Guest Bedrooms/Bathrooms

Very nice and hotel like. I think anyone who would stay over as a guest would thoroughly enjoy this guest bedroom. I doubt he's going to have many people staying over but when you're rich, 4 extra bedrooms just comes with the package.


Okay that's it, can I move in?

The View

Breathtaking. As per usual.