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You would think that such a woman who has spent her life struggling with body image in the public eye would have her staff do a little more proof reading and fact checking before her Magazine published a body shaming, fat slamming "tip" about crop tops.
Unfortunately, Oprah must have been a little to busy to notice that the latest issue of "O, The Oprah Magazine", informed a reader that they can wear a crop tops "if (and only if) they have a flat stomach."
It is incredibly disappointing to see such body shaming advice from a magazine which is suppose to promote female empowerment, self love and improved self confidence. If women are always told what they can not wear, how can they possibly think they are beautiful all the time?
Thankfully, our fierce body positive girls were on that shit like wild fire. Women of all shapes and sizes have flocked to the internet to post pictures of themselves rocking crop tops.

And let me tell you, they look GLAMOUROUS.

Of course they have a hashtag so check it out #rockthecrop, which was started by Fashion blogger Sarah Conley in response!
Women are tweeting directly at Oprah to flood her feed with crop tops modeled on all different sizes.
They are choosing the most bad ass way to rebel against all the magazines that are constantly telling us that skinny and flat is the only way to be beautiful in all clothing.
Thankfully these women are proving that "advice" like that isn't the way to feel good about your body! You feel amazing when you wear exactly what you want!
Cheers to solidarity!
I am loving the collections that are taking over Instagram, posting the "advice" along side beautiful pictures of women proving it wrong!
The hashtag #rockthecrop shows no signs of stopping! I am waiting (and hoping) for Oprah to make a public apology to show solidarity with body shammed women everywhere.
And of course you know my favorite girl Tess Holliday is in on this. So many beautiful women are adding the #effyourbeautystandards to their pics!
Rock on ladies! You look AMAZING! I am about to go treat myself to a crop top today (in your honor of course.)
I love this card! I'm going to go ahead and say that I have met many fit women who don't have flat stomachs! It depends on your body type, whether you can truly achieve that "flat" look. I'm glad that people are coming out against this advice. Also I totally get the point that we should not condone obesity, but I think that fat-shaming is not the way to get people to become fit. It has to be a personal step, not a magazine or bully telling you that you are fat.
Totally agree, @JordanNash! :*
Some of the women in the above photos look healthy; some do not. But all of them are beautiful in their own way, and I think they have the right to hear that, own it, and celebrate it.
@LizArnone "I truly believe that being comfortable in yourself is the first step to living a truly healthy lifestyle." Right, because feelings of shame and negativity don't empower positive change. For some people, sure, the guilt of being criticized by society DOES spur them to change their lives. But (for the majority, I think), those negative feelings of judgement, self-loathing, and condemnation only drive people deeper into the unhealthy habits that fuel weight gain in the first place. The focus should NEVER be on thin. The focus should be on healthy.
@marshalledgar thanks so much I was hoping to get people talking so you seriously rock right now! I completely agree that wearing a crop top can be scary when abs are non existent, but the problem is there are also girls who have flat stomachs that still feel criticized! body positivity is for everyone, even those that fit the societal norm, to love themselves and the skin they are in so that they find happiness every day, not just when they finally reach their "goal size". I truly believe that being comfortable in yourself is the first step to living a truly healthy lifestyle.
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