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Looking for a new drama to watch? Every week, I'll be highlighting a few of my favorite K-dramas and talking about why they are worth a shot. Hope you find your next K-drama here! ^_^
What's the drama? A high school girl living in US, Goo Jae Hee falls for a track and field star, Kang Tae Joon who lives in Korea. How does she plan to approach him? Simple. She gets a haircut, moves to Korea, pretends to be a boy and attends Tae Joon's all-boys high school. Pretty much a sasaeng stalker fan, except it's actually Sulli from f(x). To make things more complicated, a friend from the school, Eun Gyeol falls for her, despite her acting as a guy. However, Tae Joon accidentally finds out her real identity. How will he react?
Why is it great?
1. Lee Hyun Woo is the most adorable second lead
Okay, it might be because Hyun Woo was my favorite character in the drama but honestly, if you watch the drama, you will fall for Eun Gyeol right away! One, he is that amazing second lead that goes above and beyond for the girl (or in this case, guy). But two, he literally goes through an emotional roller coaster trying to sort his feelings for a "guy" when he knows he actually likes girls. This is the ultimate second lead struggle. And he looks like a helpless puppy the whole time as well!
2. Sulli as a guy
Alright, am I the only one that thinks she does not look like a guy...at all? In Coffee Prince, I could still believe the girl-pretending-to-be-a-guy plot because the girl literally did look like a guy with her hair and her style. But in this drama, Sulli does not look like a guy at all, neither does she sound like one. However, it is absolutely hilarious to watch all the other characters think she's a guy.
3. Kim Woo Bin mini-appearance
How wonderful is it when your bias appears in an unexpected drama? Even if it was only for two episodes, Kim Woo Bin appears as the first love of the female lead and steals the hearts of viewers. And he kind of becomes a third lead as well? (Honestly, the day he becomes a first lead will be a miracle!) And he is also the catalyst to the main lead realizing that he has feelings for Jae Hee! What a great guy!
4. Kang Ha Neul as a bad guy
I've never seen Kang Ha Neul as a bad guy until I saw the drama Misaeng. But he's actually sort of a bad guy in this drama. He is the main rival to Tae Joon since he is also a track and field high jump star. It's quite refreshing to see him play the mean guy if you haven't already. Mainly because he cannot even be fully mean or evil...I mean, look at that adorable face!
5. Minho being a goof
Minho starts of as an uptight and ignorant guy in the drama. He prefers to stay away from people. Especially, Jae Hee since she constantly stalks him. However, he ends up developing feelings for her and starts to act like the classic jealousy-ridden main male lead, which is cute and silly. He also has a great dynamic with all the different characters and definitely makes the drama worth the watch!
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I loved this drama! And I had MAJOR second lead syndrome. xD
@VixenViVi Hahaha, Lee Hyun Woo acting shy around Kang Ha Neul is the best thing ever. And right? I would never believe it!
Also Kang Ha Neul and Lee Hyun Woo are just great and roommates at that XD and I agree sullie can not pass as a boy haha her voice and lips are a dead give away
this is one of my all time favorite k-dramas
I agree with you @poojas
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