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We can look forward to more stupidity and less work because Comedy Central renewed Workaholics for two more seasons!
We'll have couple more years of Adam, Blake and Ders wreaking havoc at TelAmeriCorps, pulling pranks on each other and peeing off the roof. Thank god.
I do hope that these next two seasons revert back to the comedy of the first few. In its early days, Workaholics was some of the best comedy on TV, but over the years the series has been taken over by dumb, crude jokes making it more childish than funny (not that it is suitable for children, please do not let your kids watch this).
In season six and seven I hope to see the show turn back into the hilarious take on growing up, how much it sucks and most importantly, how to avoid becoming an adult at all costs.
I'll watch the next two seasons no matter what because they're the three best friends that anyone could have, and you gotta love em.