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Are you a fan of Friends as well? Have you watch the whole series more than three times? Who is your favorite character? What is your favorite episode? Tell me everything!
first few episodes are nothing to compere with the rest of the show, especially 4th and 5th season. You will become really obsessed with them, you'll see. And yes, if you have any questions or if you need anyone to talk about friends, I'm your man :) Oh, and thanks for calling me a friends expert haha :)
@rodiziketan yes, the first time! I'm only on the fifth episode, but I'll let you know a little later how I'm enjoying it. Or I'll ask you if I have any questions, you seem like the Friends expert :)
Omg, for the first time? I so wanna be you right now. I know every single scene, I can tell you what they are going to say in advence haha. But seriously, you're gonna love it. And after you finish it, you won't be able to have your favorite charecter, they will be all your favorite, but surly, Pheobe is amazing. :) Let me know in a while, what do you think of show?
I just started watching Friends for the first time! So far I like Phoebe the most for sure! i'm so glad netflix finally put up the series, i've been wanting to watch it forever.