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You get home after work. You're tired. You're starving. And you've got only four (weird) ingredients in the fridge. What do you make? At that point in the day, your creativity is failing you, and all you really want to do in sink into the couch, turn on the TV, and order a pizza.
But wait – don't touch that phone!!
Just when you were about to waste a bunch of money (and all your efforts to eat healthy this week), your savior has come. Introducing... MyFridgeFood!
This website that allows you to plug in whatever random ingredients you have floating around your kitchen, and then tells you what you can make with them.
Got onions, pasta, and bread crumbs? Make 15-Minute Caramelized Onion Pasta!
If you have bread, milk, and a few other basics, fry up some French Toast Sticks!
Nothing but tortillas, a few assorted vegetables, and cheese? Make Veggie Melt Wraps!
MyFridgeFoods can help you save money, too! Use it to finish off as much of what's already in the house as possible before you go away on a long trip, so you don't waste money on food that's just going to spoil. Use up ingredients before they go bad. Cook with what's on hand, rather than buying more junk at the grocery store.
I think this is a pretty awesome idea. There have been plenty of times when I've looked in the fridge and thought, now what am I going to do with all this stuff? The recipes are incredibly simple (almost childishly so), and take no time at all to make. Give MyFridgeFood a try, and tell me what you think :)
Thanks @laurafisher for the idea!!
@allischaaff It works! I only have one rule for these nights: They each clean up what they used when they are done eating.
Ahahaha @jlee37 that's GENIUS. I'm definitely stealing that idea! ;D
@allischaaff I've used that!! I have a "whatever" night. (Yep, that's what it's called) every week. When it's whatever night, everyone makes "whatever" they want. In Mom terms: I'm sick of asking about dinner! Whatever! You're on your own!
@allischaaff I know right?! It's FOOD! Put it in your mouth and shut up!
Lol!!! @jlee37 XD That reminds me of my mom – "Be happy you even have food! There are starving children in Africa!!"
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