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To any of you who - like me - have spent a lifetime believing that cats just earthly manifestations of the Devil, here's some evidence to prove you aren't too far off.
A neighborhood in Pearl River, New York has been rattled by the presence of a particularly vicious feral cat. According to recent reports, the cat has been stalking the street, scratching humans, and attacking dogs. Residents say it may also have rabies.
Local children have been staying indoors. Dogs have been walked on tighter leashes. In fact, the case has gotten so bad that the Rockland County police department has been making reverse 911 calls to the community telling citizens to take extra precautions when in the area.
One victim, local resident Chris McKiernan, who got his hand attacked by the cat, described it as 'unlike anything he's ever seen', stating:

"It was strange because it didn't make a whole lot of noise as cats usually do. It was real quiet and staring at me, and it actually had blood on its mouth. It was a little surreal."

Another resident, Joe Saldano, admits he only feels safe from it when he and his family are swimming in the pool. It seems that he too had quite the terrorizing encounter:

"He came out of nowhere. It was like, 1 o'clock in the morning. And all of a sudden, he just leaped at me, and I kicked him, you know. And then he came again!"

The picture local authorities have been using to hunt down the cat, in fact, was taken when it sat on one house's front step, waiting. The homeowners were so scared that the next day, they took their family to stay at a relative's house.
Currently, Satan - I mean, the cat - is still at large. Police have been advised to look out for a stray described as "black in color, aggressive, and sickly".
I mean just look at the photos of him... black outfit, that "I'm Batcat" look in his eyes. And everyone in Brooklyn knows that the Saldano family has connections... ya know wadda I mean? LOL. It's so typical. Supercat in Arizona fights off a crazed dog to save a kid and he's celebrated... Batcat in NY fights local crime and is labeled a devil. When will the news bias end? LOL.
What all of the victims failed to mention was they were all in the process of committing a crime when attacked. Another name for New York is Gotham. I don't think this cat is evil at all. He's Batman.
My cat is bloodthirsty as well. Maybe this cat can be her friend.
@JonPatrickHyde Hahahahahaha omg rereading this entire card while thinking of the cat as Batman gives this cat so much strange justification.
this isn't too far from where I live
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