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Perfection. That is the one word that describes Blake Lively and her fashion. How she looks this put together and fashionable in the summer heat is beyond me. Here is a recreation of this breezy, summer look for much less.

Red maxi-skirt

The best part of this outfit is the flowy red maxi-skirt. Look for one that has lots of fabric so that it will flow around your legs when you walk. Also look for a maxi-skirt that is a little high-waisted.

White tank top

The next part of the outfit is an embellished white tank top. Look for a tank with some woven details to add a little bit of flair to an otherwise classic white tank top. Make sure the tank is long enough to tuck into your skirt.


Throw on a vest over your tank top to keep the chic sophisticated vibe going. You can go with a denim vest or one with a print — it's totally up to you!

Shoes and accessories

Blake keeps it super simple with beige flip-flops. The only accessory she chooses to pair with the outfit is a chunky, gray chain necklace.
@chandnip804 Yes, it's a great piece to have for all sorts of occasions!
The red maxi skirt is super hot and I can see it kill many outfits! It can be wore to work as a business casual outfit and even to a date! :) Plus I love flowy skirts! :)