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It's always coffe o'clock. Don't you agree?
Wow, I guess you know a touch more about coffee than me. Yes, I'm drom Europe, so I go to Italy to buy Lavazza. I just love it.
I have a life-long friend that I've known since we were in middle school (back in the early 1980's) that is a World Cupping Judge and a green coffee buyer for Caribou Coffee and their coffee is good. I have been brewing Starbucks Reserve Kona and Kenya roasts. I grind the whole beans just before roasting. I use a brilliant Moccamaster brewer. I prefer medium or dark roasts. A just picked up a Mayan roast grown by a co-op of small farms that I'm excited to try.
And what is your favorite coffee (brand)?
Any time , day or night, I'm always ready to enjoy a cup or three.
What is your coffee preference? Are you in Europe?