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First it was the tongue, now nipple pasties...

Well there's not much to say other than...look, I know you're already distracted.
There's no news with these pictures other than that Miley is trying to 'Free The Nipple' so I'm just going to write a bunch of goofy sentences throughout the card and let's see if you even pay attention. OKAY GO!
Please tell me I'm not the only person who wants Chinese food, like, all of the time.
Have you ever imagined what grass is like in other countries around the world?
Puerto Rico should be a state. Like no jk, actually for real.
I hate it when the toilet paper roll is about to run out and then I have to be the one to change it. P.S. I just make the next person change it..I know bad*ss over here ;)

Should women be able to FREE THE NIPPLE?