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When he's not saying his one line on Game of Thrones, Hodor is dropping beats as an EDM DJ.
Despite this creepy album cover, he's actually been pretty successful, recently returning from an international tour appropriately named "Rave of Thrones".
A few days ago, DJ Hodor (this is not his real DJ name I'm just calling him that because it makes me laugh) dropped his first international single, “Up / Beacon (feat. Leanne Robinson)”.
House music fans might like DJ Hodor, and those living in NYC can catch him at his Rave of Thrones event on August 13. His music doesn't have anything to do with GoT, but event attendees are encouraged to dress in series-themed clothing. Great marketing move by DJ Hodor who can attract house music and GoT fans alike.
I'm not a huge house music fan, so I don't know how DJ Hodor stacks up in the industry. EDM fans, do you like him or should he stick to shouting HODOR at inappropriate times on GoT??