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BIG BANG!! Hi there! Just wanted to meet people that share the same interests as me. Im new here so I still dont have any friends. But I hope to make many!
I have been a VIP since 2007 and im from California. I love their music and everything about them. Theres so funny and dorky. And oh, did I forget? BEAUTIFUL!!!
LOL so cute! Im melting.♡
Throwback! Well guys, please leave a comment and tell me how long youve been a VIP and where you are from. Thanks!!
Its so cool that there are VIPS from everywhere! I love that!!
Oh wow!! that's so expensive!! Well hopefully you get your spot and have loads of fun! You can't take pictures huh?. Hope everything turns out well and have loads of fun!! Lmk about your experience when the day comes (;
Hi!!! I am also new here too... Friends. In US, also new to BIG BANG. Excited to see them live, hear that's where they really shine. I want the whole VIP experience :) ❤️
@zmusicloverz Hi! And yess, i fell in love with them when I first started listening to their music. My older cousin was learning Korean, watching kdrama, listening to kpop, and even going to concerts. She influenced me a lot and always had cool stories to tell me, she said if I wanted to start listening to kpop--start with Big Bang. I finally looked up Big Bang and I was hooked! FOREVER VIP!♡
Hi I'm a pretty new VIP but my love is strong haha Daesung is my bias <3
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