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BIG BANG!! Hi there! Just wanted to meet people that share the same interests as me. Im new here so I still dont have any friends. But I hope to make many!
I have been a VIP since 2007 and im from California. I love their music and everything about them. Theres so funny and dorky. And oh, did I forget? BEAUTIFUL!!!
LOL so cute! Im melting.♡
Throwback! Well guys, please leave a comment and tell me how long youve been a VIP and where you are from. Thanks!!
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Hey. Alwas LOVE meeting new members.I've really been into BigBang since 10th grade but I first heard their song in middle school. (It was Fantastic Baby). Im from Florida.
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@AmandaHume I just started today!! Struggle is real ahaha
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@deilig Hii, and yess! I do also, I don't know many ppl in real life that are fans. I find it great that there are so many people here that love the same thing I do. I like how they perform that song still c:
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I have been a VIP since 8th grade and i am going into 10th grade this fall. I am from Minnesota.
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Its so cool that there are VIPS from everywhere! I love that!!
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